Lang Son Overview

Lang Son - the frontier of the motherland, is a very sacred land of the mind of every Vietnamese citizen, the gateway to the north of the country.

Lang Son has potentiality of mineral, forestry, tourism and trading. Star aniseed (hoa hoi) is a specialty. The province is proud of many culture and historical vestiges. They are Rampart of Mac Dynasty, Doan Citadel Vestige, Chi Lang Defile, Ky Cung and Bac Le temples. Apart of these, Ky Lua Market, To Thi and Mau Son mountains, Tam Thanh, and Nhi Thanh grottoes also attract many visitors every year. Especially, lots of people come to Ky Lua and Tam Thanh markets to shopping because the goods are abundant and cheap

Lang Son is a north – pole province of Vietnam with 253 km borderline to the China. It borders China to the southeast, Quang Ninh to the south, Bac Giang to the south, Thai Nguyen province to the southwest, Bac Kan to the west.

It lies on the terrain of mountains and forest as most but partly located with rich soil valleys created by rivers and channels. Being potential for sightseeing, natural resources, and the province is the homeland for various ethnic minorities those hold multiform of traditional cultural performances.

There is variety of festivals from each minority and each of them reflects its life, love and prosperity.

Bac Son Valley, a rural district of Lạng Sơn Province in the Northeast region of Vietnam and it is situated 160 km northeast of Hanoi. One of the interesting aspects about this valley is its incredibly high mountains which are about 500-1200 meters high. These mountains, together with the valley’s paddy fields, create a great scenic landscape that you can only see its best after climbing to the peak of a mountain which is located just a few minutes from the town. The valley’s pathways leads you to the paddy fields where you’ll get a chance to see the beautiful river that runs crossing the rice fields. Besides the valley itself, Bac Son district’s villages possess a beauty of their own.

Quick Facts: Square: 8,320.8 Km2 Population: 744,100 Average temperature: 21.5°C Administrative map includes 10 outside districts and Lang Son town. +

Area phone code: 025; Minority: Viet, Tay, Dao, Nung, Mong, San Chay, Ngai

General Information

Cool year-round climate, business travel, Lang Son is land of great potential for tourism development

Lang Son is a land of great potential for tourism development, manifesting itself in the cultural traditions associated with traditions, religions and beliefs with more than 300 special...

Top Attractions

Bac Son valley attractive to tourists in rice harvest season

GoldenTour - In late July and early August, Bac Son valley, Lang Son Province becomes very attractive with its ripening rice fields. It is an ideal time for travellers and photographers to capture...