Tuy Hoa - Phu Yen Overview

Square: 5,061 Km2

Population: 877,200

Average temperature: 26.5°C

Administrative map includes 06 outside districts and Tuy Hoa town.

Area phone code: 057.

Minority: Viet, Cham, E De, Bana


Tuy Hoa, the central site of Phu Yen, is 1,117 km from Hanoi and 561 km from HCMC The province is in the southern central seashore with more than hundred km of coastal line. Its terrain is of 2 main zones. The mountainous and semi mountainous areas include eastern side of Truong Son heap are endless mountains and forests with highest peak is 2,064m. Delta zone, also Tuy Hoa town, is flat for rice fields with 3 main rivers. Annual average raining level is 1,600 mm affected by ocean climate so it is humid and hot. Like other coastal provinces, there is much special seafood those impress visitors with unforgettable flavors like shrimp, mussels, crabs and snails. 15 minorities are living together in the land to build a diversified and copious cultural background, the sources of many styles of folk songs and traditional festivals.

Tuy Hoa - Phu Yen