Dong Ha - Quang Tri Overview

Square: 4,740 Km2

Population: 608,100

Average temperature: 25 - 26°C

Administrative map includes 07 outside districts, Quang Tri and Dong Ha towns

Area phone code: 053

Minority: Viet, Bru - Van Kieu, Paco, Ta Oi, Nung, Xtieng


Located 582 km from Hanoi to the south, 1,121 km from Ho Chi Minh city to the north, Quang Tri is province in the middle land, where Ben Hai river had been divided the country into northern and southern boundaries for more than 20 years. It merged with Laos by the west and has the coast of 75 km. Terrain of province is complicated with features of mountains, hills, sand dunes, delta and dense system of water channels. Climate here is extreme harsh that affected badly by hot and dry winds blowing from Laos. The land has known for a fierce point during the war that now remains much of legends of majestic struggle of Vietnam to its reunification operation.

Dong Ha - Quang Tri