Son La - Moc Chau Highland Overview

Square: 14,174.4 Km2

Population: 1.134 millions

Average temperature: 21°C

Administrative map includes 09 outside districts and Son La town

Area phone code: 022.Minority: Viet, Thai, Kho Mu, Khang, La Ha, Muong, Xinh Mun, Dao


Son La is in the west - north of Vietnam, 308 km from Hanoi. Here is the borderline of Vietnam and Laos. The province has main features of terrain of plateaus and mountains and is potential of natural resources. Waterway systems of province are dense that result to advantageous position of hydraulic energy. It is also ideal farm to cultivate industrial plants such tea, coffee and fruits as well as breeding cows. Being the home for various minorities, Son La has copious cultural life with traditional professional villages: brocade textile with more than 30 decors of flowers, casting and forging, rattan and bamboo knitting.

Son La - Moc Chau Highland