Dong Thap Overview


The province of Dong Thap is 160km southwest of Ho Chi Minh City.  Its provincial capital is Sa Dec. Dong Thap is co-inhabited by the Viet, Hoa, Khmer and Cham. It is also home to various religions: Buddhism, Caodaism, Hoahaoism and Catholicism. Here is a dense network of waterways formed by tangled rivers and channels supporting with large ponds and lakes. Especially Tien river runs through province on 132 km. Affected by tropical climate there are 2 distinct seasons that raining from May to November and draught is for the rest of calendar. With alluvium soils risen up by rivers Tien and Hau, Dong Thap has fertile lands to be an agricultural developed province that called one of rice barn of country. Wonderfully there is natural rice specie that growing itself from April to October without human activity. Nonetheless, the province is well recognized for delicious fruits those widely distributed in the country.

Quick Facts:

Square: 3,377 Km2

Population: 1.676 millions

Average temperature: 26°C

Administrative map includes 09 outside districts, Sa Dec and Tan An sub-cities

Area phone code: 067.

Minority: Viet, Khmer, Hoa, Cham 

Dong Thap