Ha Tinh Overview

Square: 5,998 Km2

Population: 1.231 millions

Average temperature: 23.7°C

Administrative map includes 09 outside districts and Ha Tinh town.

Area phone code: 039.

Minority: Viet, Chut


Ha Tinh is a land band in the middle of Vietnam and is 340 km from Hanoi. Geographical features mainly in mountainous area, delta is just a narrow range along the coast that of 137 km longs. Transport to and from this land is comfortable by roads, railway and waterway. Province possessed of traditional fondness for learning, with what it has been named forNguyen Du, Phan Huy Chu and Le Huu Trac. Contributing to Vietnam cultural treasures, Ha Tinh has the most unique and plentiful folk culture with thousands of songs in various styles.

Ha Tinh