Pleiku - Gia Lai Overview


Being the neighbor in the north of Kon Tum, Gia Lai is province in northern mountainous - border region of highlands, 600 - 800m from the sea level. It covers 90 km of national borderlines with Cambodia at the west. Affected by tropical windy climate, Gia Lai has extreme high annual raining level that up to 2,200 – 2,500 mm in the western side and 1,200 – 1,750 mm in the eastern side Truong Son heap. Located 514 km from HCMC and 180 km from Qui Nhon, here is quite modern airport Pleiku to serve long distance travel. It also connected other provinces by easy and comfortable surface traffic network of national highway No. 19, 14 and 25.

Terrain of province is a diversity of springs, whirlpools, lakes, passes and primitive forest bolding with primeval features to create the imposing image of highland region. There is tropical Kon Ka King and Kon Cha Rang with rare creature and mighty springs. And more is Mount Ham Rong in 1,092m, formerly was a mouth of exhausted volcano. Interposing by various minorities, the background culture of province is copious but remaining neglected performance and primeval influence of polytheism.

Quick Facts:

Square: 15,537 Km2

Population: 1.343 millions

Average temperature: 21 - 25°C

Administrative map includes 11 outside districts and Pleiku sub-city.

Area phone code: 059.

Minority: Viet, Xo Dang, Ba Na, Gie Trieng, Gia Rai

Pleiku - Gia Lai