Ben Tre Overview

Square: 2,358 Km2

Population: 1.259 millions

Average temperature: 26 - 27°C

Administrative map includes 07 outside districts, and Ben Tre sub-city.

Area phone code: 075.

Minority: Viet 


This is a province in the basin of Cuu Long river with 60 km of coast. The center of province is 85 km from HCMC. Its terrain is flat, scattering sandy dunes interposing fields and farms. Without appearance of forest but Ben Tre is surrounded by rivers to enable its irrigation and waterways. In tropical climate zone, the raining season is from May to October with annual level of 1,250 – 1,500 mm. Being a rice granary in the south but Ben Tre also produces other products like fruits, seafood and other industrial plant. Especially, here is the homeland of coconuts with 40,000 hectares and has been the legendary land for this fruit in Vietnam. With typical characters of gardening region, people in Ben Tre are temperate and plain spending the life with nature. But it is remarkable that here is the land of various folksongs and Cai Luong melody that widely loved by Vietnamese.

Ben Tre