Dong Nai Overview

Square: 5,907 Km2

Population: 2.721 millions

Average temperature: 25.4 - 27.2°C

Administrative map includes 08 outside districts and Bien Hoa city

Area phone code: 061.

Minority: Viet, Hoa, Khmer, Xtieng, Ede, Cho ro, Cham, Ma. 


Dong Nai is an eastern province in the south and at the eastern gateway of HCMC. It merges with Lam Dong at the north, Binh Duong at the west and Binh Thuan at the east. Bien Hoa city is 28 km from HCMC and 1,695 km from Hanoi on the main transport axle. The province is on basin of Dong Nai river and its branch name La Nga river. Most of terrain of Dong Nai is delta, valley and low mounds despite the section closed to Lam Vien and Di Linh plateaus is quite high. Lands in province are of basalt and alluvial that ideal to grow industrial plants and short term trees. Travel in and out from Dong Nai is quite easy by a mass of traffic system on surface, waterways and railways. Dong Nai river is of 110 km connects Sai Gon rivers to Tri An. Being the most developed province, Dong Nai occupies a numerous factory, enterprise and industrial zones. But not enough, this is an attractive destination for visitor to touring in various ranges of farming, hunting, fishing, boating or ecological tour among the forest. 

Dong Nai