Da Lat - Lam Dong Overview


Lam Dong locates in the highest plateau of Highlands on 1,500m over the sea level. Terrain of province is 70% of forest with 2 top peaks, Chu Yang Sin of 2,405m and Lang Biang of 2,163m. Besides, occupied interposing are plateaus, mountain heaps and high mounts where started of rivers running down the delta. It called the Realm of Spring for the ideal climate for daily temperature ranging from 15 to 24o¬C and that annual raining level is about 1,755 mm. Da Lat, the heart of Lam Dong is on the level of 1,475m, inherits the advantages of nature to be the city of flowers where the sun shines over the year with great scents of various flowers. The city but also is a natural museum preserving beautiful lakes, grass hills, flower valleys and waterfalls that have been famous for unique legendary. More than 20 minorities are living peacefully side-by-side and together cultivating vegetables and flowers for the region. People is simple – hearted to give themselves to the farms and garden but really hospitalized to welcome new comers to the land.

Quick Facts:

Square: 9,774 Km2

Population: 1.235 millions

Average temperature: 15 - 24°C

Administrative map includes 09 outside districts, Bao Loc sub-city and Da Lat city

Area phone code: 063.

Minority: Viet, K’Ho, Ma, Lat

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Da Lat - Lam Dong