Phong Nha - Son Doong - Quang Binh Overview


Lying in the middle land of Vietnam, Quang Binh merged with Laos by the west, Quang Tri by the south and has 110 km of coast. It has complicated terrain that mainly in mountainous area and forest of Phong Nha National Park that closely hang out to the coastal line. The surface is gradually declined from west to east with dense system of rivers and channels. Other hard stuff to live in Quang Binh is large sandy dunes that burning by blazing sun sights. But as compensation, there are clean beaches with sparkling golden sand under deep blue waves. The space is very aired and that environment is pure to lead the way to attraction of beautiful sightseeing. The province is 491 km from Hanoi.

Short information: Square: 8,066 Km2 Population: 857,900 Average temperature: 25 - 26°C Administrative map includes 06 outside districts and Dong Hoi town. Area phone code: 052 Minority: Viet, Bru - Van Kieu, Chut, Lao

Phong Nha - Son Doong - Quang Binh