Ha Giang - Dong Van - Hoang Su Phi Overview


Ha Giang is Vietnam’s border area in its North Pole encountering to China in 274km. Terrain of province can be well identified into 3 zones, of which, the first is high land of stone mountains with high slope, valleys and isolated rivers. Next is the zone of high soil land located with dipped cliffs, passes and narrow springs. The lower case includes hills, valleys and Lo River. General analysis has shown that Ha Giang has potential reserve of natural resources as herbal plants, animal, natural forest and is a picture of mighty mountains with a peak at 2,419m from sea level. It is 318km from Hanoi.

Short information

Square: 7,914 Km2

Population: 758,000.

Average temperature: 24°C

Administrative map includes 09 outside districts and Ha Giang town.

Area phone code: 019.

Minority: Viet, Tay, H’Mong, Dao, Nung, Cao Lan, Hoa (Chinese)

Ha Giang - Dong Van - Hoang Su Phi