Tay Ninh Overview

Square: 4,040 Km2

Population: 1.090 millions

Average temperature: 26 - 27°C

Administrative map includes 08 outside districts and Tay Ninh sub-city

Area phone code: 066.

Minority: Viet, Cham, Khmer. 


Tay Ninh is frontier province in the east of southern land. It confronts to Cambodia along 240 km including Moc Bai and Sa Mat border-gates. In the north of province there are many forest and mountains while it is quite flat likely delta in the south. The two rivers run through Tay Ninh are Vam Co Dong and Sai Gon. Geology here shows that the land is suitable for growing industrial plants and forestation. Within the moderated climate zone there are two distinct seasons dry and rainy, and of what the annual average raining level is of 2,000 mm. Placing the strategic position between HCMC and Phnom Penh - Cambodia Tay Ninh used to be the key point of economic and defense and that has been utilized for revolution armed base during the war with just 99 Km from HCMC. Religion of province is of three main ways, especially here is the heart of Cao Daism which currently preaching widely in the country.

Tay Ninh