Hoa Binh - Mai Chau Overview

Square: 4,608.7 Km2

Population: 806,100

Average temperature: 22°C - 29°C

Administrative map includes 09 outside districts and Hoa Binh town.

Area phone code: 018.Minority: Viet, Thai, Muong, Dao. H’Mong.


This is a mountainous province in west - north gate to Hanoi (about 70 km by national highway No.6). Its terrain is of mountains and forests, interposing with narrow valleys and heaps. Archeologist proclaimed that Hoa Binh is home of ancient people in tens of thousands years before, leaving signs of a bright culture like bronze drums, including ancient and beautiful Song Da and Mieu Mon’s one. As the homeland of multi-minorities people, Hoa Binh has variety of cultural activities and festivals as well as customs and behavior from each community. But these features are not contrary to each other but integrated in solidarity even while preserving personal characters.

Hoa Binh - Mai Chau