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Laos, officially known as the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR), is one of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia. A mountainous and landlocked country, Laos shares borders with Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the south, Thailand to the west, and Myanmar and China to the north.For many, Laos is the highlight of their Southeast Asia trip as it has been saved from the mass tourist trail that has led to her neighbours –Thailand and Vietnam. This relatively undeveloped nation is located between rugged mountains and the fertile low lands of the Mekong, and is touched by both European and Asian cultures. The city’s man-made structures are as distinctive as the areas of natural splendor. Modernity has yet to infiltrate this sleepy capital, where temples and religious affiliations blend with the rural foundations of the city. The majority of the city's sights are situated within relatively close proximity of each another due to the fact that an urban sprawl has yet to materialize within the city.

Laos is easy to access from Vietnam or Thailand and normally combined as part of a trip to Indochina (using Hanoi or Bangkok as a either an entry or exit point to the region).

Now international border crossings between Laos and Viet Nam are 7 in all as below. 《Laos to Viet Nam----Lao/VN border》

①Muang Khua to Dien Bien Phu---Pang Hoak/Tay Trang border

②Xam Neua to Thanh Hoa & Ha Noi---Nam Xoi/ Na Meo border

③Vientiane to Ha Noi via Vinh---Nam Phao/Cau Treo border - Ha Tinh Province

④Luang Prabang or Phonsavan to Vinh or Ha Noi---Nam Xoi/Na Meo border

⑤Vientiane to Da Nang & Hue via Vinh--- Na Phao/Cha Lo border (this route is rary used now)

⑥Vientiane or Savannakhet to Hue---Densavanh/Lao Bao border - Quang Tri Province

⑦Pakse to Gia Lai(=Pleiku) in Central Highlands VN---Phou Keau/Bo Y border

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