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Why book with GoldenTour ?

Established in 2002, GoldenTour is the leading sightseeing company in the Vietnam. GoldenTour are part of the GoldenSevices Group. We provide tours to well-known attractions as well as an extensive range of sightseeing tours, rail products, evening tours, cruises and much more. You will travel in luxury air-conditioned coaches, escorted by a professional guide.

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How do I pay and how I transfer by T/T ?
Can I upgrade to higher standard hotel, 3 stars to 4 stars hotel ?
Check in and check out time
Is there a dress code for certain destinations/situations?
The children policy
What time will I return from my tour?
Where will I be dropped off following my tour?
Can you arrange a pick up from a hotel mentioned in your list of complimentary pick-ups even if we are not staying there?
Can you arrange a pick up from my hotel?
I have booked on-line. How do I get my ticket/voucher?
How do I cancel my ticket?
Once I have booked, can I amend my booking?
Can I book special offers over the phone?
Golden Tour, GoldenTours or Golden Travel, are they are same or different companies?
Can we show our tickets on a mobile phone without presenting a printed copy as we do not have access to a printer?
Do you offer group discounts?
Could you please let me know the exact time of pick-up from my hotel? Where do I need to stand to get picked up?
How secure are my personal details?
How can I pass on my comments to GoldenTour?

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