Lý Son Island - Quang Ngai Overview

Square: 5,153 Km2

Population: 1.228 millions

Average temperature: 25°C

Administrative map includes 13 outside districts and Quang Ngai town.

Area phone code: 055.

Minority: Viet, Xo Dang, K’Ho and Hre.


Quang Ngai is in the middle seashore of Vietnam, facing to the Pacific Ocean and backed with Truong Son heap. The province is 883 km from Hanoi on the axle of national highway No. 1A connecting the highland, Laos and east north of Thailand. Climate of location is extreme harsh ranging from 120C to 410C with thick raining level from 1,900 to 3,500 mm. With 4 main features of terrain, province covers the mountainous area and its borders, delta and islands. The central town is on the bank of Tra Khuc river, one of three rivers in the land, where long time ago there were giant water - reels irrigating to the fields of rice and cane. In a barren area that people hardly get benefit from the land but this province has a long-standing background of culture and various sightseeing. Mainly resided by Viet people (88.9%), interposing with few other minorities, here is the homeland for assiduous people to share the beauty of nature, to celebrate diversified festival for their religion and spirits.

Lý Son Island - Quang Ngai