Binh Phuoc Overview

Square: 6,872 Km2

Population: 912,700

Average temperature: 24 - 26°C

Administrative map includes 05 outside districts and Dong Xoai town

Area phone code: 0651.

Minority: Viet, XTieng, Khmer, M' Nong.


This is a province in the eastern - southern land of Vietnam, at the contiguous band between delta and plateau and merged with Cambodia by the west and west north. Binh Phuoc has a lot forest and low mountains. Forest is dense but on quite flat terrain that mainly of basalt soils, ideally for industrial plants. There are two main seasons in the land, raining from May to Oct and drying from Nov to Apr. In the north, due to more forest occupied, the annual raining level is up to 2,110 mm. Transport into and out from province is comfortable that link to HCMC over 128 Km. Before separated to as independent province, this is a part of Song Be province, a gateway to HCMC. As seen as historical destination during the people's struggle to reunite the country, Binh Phuoc keeps a numerous relicts like gas station, regional commander base and Entertain foreign guesthouse. The province is really worth for visitor who wishes to discover the majestic and legendary history of Vietnam 

Binh Phuoc