Ca Mau Overview

Square: 5,295 Km2

Population: 1.217 millions

Average temperature: 26 – 27°C

Administrative map includes 06 outside districts and Ca Mau sub-city.

Area phone code: 0780.

Minority: Viet, Khmer, Hoa, Cham.


Ca Mau is on the south pole of Vietnam and 3 sides bordered by the ocean. Being the new land, terrain of province is almost of alluvium and alkaline soil that given birth to wide fertile ground. With a dense network of waterways, Ca Mau is comfortable for traffic on 7 main rivers running to the sea. Strongly affected by tropical climate zone it is always hot and humid with average raining level of 2,500 mm. 350 km from HCMC, this is young province in the development of country. It has airport, harbor and with potential fishing quay to lead the way ahead. As a new land, the civilization of people in province is the harmonious mixing of three main minority, Viet, Chinese and a part of Khmer. Come to Ca Mau, the most exciting fact that touring on boat along the web of water channels and a recreation in ecological site with admirable biodiversity. 

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