Da Nang City Overview

Square: 1,285 Km2

Population: 973,800

Average temperature: 28 - 29°C

Administrative map includes 02 outside districts and 05 inside districts.

Area phone code: 0511Minority: Viet, Hoa...


The province is in central area of country where traffic systems are comfortable for all vehicles, surface, waterways and airlines. Its terrain diversified to different features. Hai Van Pass is in the north with high mountains from 1,478 to 1,708m over the sea. The east is occupied by Son Tra peninsula with neglected beach ranging 5 km to Non Nuoc beach. The south is set off by Ngu Hanh Son (5 Elements Mountain). Out to the sea there is Hoang Sa islands with extensive fishing port. Established in 1888 and now this is a biggest city in the central land of Vietnam. 3,000 years ago, here is one of cradle of Sa Huynh culture, pre-iron era, home land of forefathers of Ch¨m minority. Magnificent and majestic citadel, palace and temples from 1st to 13th century still given signs

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Da Nang City