Nghe An Overview

Square: 16,491 Km2

Population: 2.952 millions

Average temperature: 23 - 24°C

Administrative map includes 17 outside districts, 01 town and Vinh city.

Area phone code: 038.

Minority: Viet, Kho Mu, O Du, Tho, San Diu, H’Mong.


This is a large province in the middle land of Vietnam merging with Laos by 419 km at the west and has coastal line to Pacific Ocean is of 82 km. Terrain of Nghe An includes mountains, dense waterways, hills and valleys that gradually decline from west - north to south - east. The center of province is 291 km from Hanoi. Here is cradle giving birth to scientists, talents and, especially, is the homeland of President Ho Chi Minh, an enormous leadership and famous patriot of Vietnamese, cultural celebrity and national liberation hero of the world. Sharing the land with variety of minorities, the province has admired cultural background that included innumerous unusual excellence of performance and instruments. Other to mention is festival in province is mainly to honor traditional values and connected to legends of country.

Nghe An