Kon Tum Overview

Square: 9,690 Km2

Population: 462,400

Average temperature: 23.4°C

Administrative map includes 06 outside districts and Kon Tum sub-city.

Area phone code: 060.

Minority: Viet, Xo Dang, Ba Na, Gie Trieng, Gia Rai


Kon Tum is a province in the north of Gia Lai - Kon Tum plateau, one of 3 major plateaus in the highland of Vietnam. Province has 275 km of borderlines, opposite Laos and the north of Cambodia. The main territory of Kon Tum is on the west of Truong Son heap, gradually declining from west to east and north to south.In the north, there are highest granite mountain in the southern part of Vietnam, Ngoc Linh peak is 2,596m and Ngoc Phan peak is 2,251m. Here is the source for most of rivers like Tranh, Thu Bon, Tra Khuc and is copious land with 50% are the forest with valued woods, forestry products and uncommon animals. Additionally, its terrain also covers basalt area that proper to cultivate industrial trees like rubber, coffee, tea and sugar cane. Other sides are grass fields to develop breeding. Kon Tum sub-city built on a side of Dakpla river, in a tiny plateau of 525m over the sea level. Holding the life of more than 20 minorities, province is the home for community that 51% are ethnic people. This situation results to a diversity of cultural life. Unique and unusual customs of each minority added to a colorful background of general culture. Festivals are hosted in various styles and performances, highlighting with given instruments and themes. Other attraction is decors on the brocade items and in architectural works. Once overland on the Kon Tum, it is unforgettable and attractive to background culture in highland region and marvelous sightseeing.

Kon Tum