Ninh Binh Overview

Square: 1,377 Km2

Population: 915,900.

Average temperature: 23,4°C

Administrative map includes 06 outside districts, Ninh Binh and Tam Diep towns.

Area phone code: 030.

Minority: Viet, Muong, Thai, Hoa, H’Mong, Dao.


Located on area with complicated geographical features, Ninh Binh has 18km coastal line beside the allocation of delta, hills and mountains alternately. It has remarkable history relicts like Hoa Lu former citadel, Phat Diem stone church, Non Nuoc pagoda... and attractive sightseeing of caves, grotto and forest. Being the former citadel over 1,000 years before, this land preserves a variety of traditional festivals, performance and behavior. 

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How to get to Ninh Binh ?

Ninh Binh can be considered as a bridge linking Northern provinces with Southern ones and it is located on the trafic life-line including National Highway 1A and trans-Vietnam railway. It is...

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