Lao Cai Overview

Square: 6,384 Km2

Population: 646,800.

Average temperature: 20°C - 22°C

Administrative map includes 09 outside districts and Lao Cai town.

Area phone code: 020.

Minority: Viet, Tay, H’Mong, Dao, Nung, Cao Lan, Thai, Giay, Lu, Bo Y, Khang, La Chi, Phu La, Ha Nhi, Muong, La Ha.


Lao Cai formed in 1907 and, after the changes in administrative, the last establishment was in 1991 by separating from Hoang Lien Son. It faces to Yun Nan (China) by 203km of borderline and, thus, places an important position of economy, politic and society. Lao Cai lies over mountains, hills and valleys with various climates: tropics, temperate zone where snow falls in coldest days. Besides of natural resources, Lao Cai is known of a famous destination for travelers, especially in the summer.

Food Culture

‘Banh giay’ of Nung ethnic people in Lao Cai

In the chill of the northern mountainous regions, visitors travelling to markets of ethnic minority communities in Bac Ha District, Lao Cai Province may be attracted to hot round cakes...

Sapa Thang Co

“Thang co” is one of the most famous dishes of the H’Mong in the northwest of Vietnam. “Thang co” usually use for festival or special day. On the weekend, it is sold...

Lao Cai