Hanoi Travel Tips

Airport arrival scam: Drivers ll likely hit you up for a hefty fee or try and take you to the wrong hotel

Dodgy tour: Tour companies selling cheap Halong Bay, Hoa Lu / Tam Coc and Mai Chau tours - though the problems is especially bad with Halong Bay tours.

Robberies and thieves are common here so keep your radar well tuned.

Scammers: You’re most likely to be scammed when travelling in a taxi, changing money or responding to random offers of “special treats” from local people on the street or in bars.

The best deterrent is to not to let anyone get near your bag or pockets, especially in places such as crowded markets and visitor attractions. Luckily, we do not encounter such matters in Hanoi hotels so it’s best to consult persons from your tour guides or hotel staffs before purchasing anything which may catch your eyes. 

Based on a report in 2015, rate of safety walking alone during day light in Hanoi is 77.5% and this rate at night decreases to 55%. However, it is not a bad idea to wander and enjoy Hanoi day trip alone, especially in a sunny day.

If you’re a victim of crime, reporting a crime can be a serious hassle and empathy is not the strong suit of the local constabulary. The best solution is purchasing sufficient travel insurance before getting in plane to protect you from such bad experiences. 

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