Vietnamese cuisine among world’s most favorite by CNN

Travel around Vietnam, and you'll find that tastes and dishes vary from North to South. From simple home cooking to addictive street eats to modern Vietnamese dining, it would take a lifetime to eat your way through all this delicious diversity.

CNN commended Vietnamese cuisine as varied for a country with such as modest area.

In Vietnam, you will learn how to eat your food with chopsticks! I don’t know about you, but I just can’t get enough of those bowls of hot steaming Pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup that comes with either chicken, beef or prawns and a whole lot of local spices and herbs. Absolutely yummy! The fresh spring rolls Goi Cuon are also not to be missed and for breakfast, you can try the bahn mi banquets or the bahn xeo pancakes

The attraction is that each city or even each village has its own speciality which bore the mark of its regional culture. The variety in food preparation and decoration between communities also enriches the country’s culinary culture. “Spring rolls” ( Nem ) is mentioned as a well known symbol of Vietnam culture.

According to a survey for readers worldwide of CNN, Vietnam is honored to present on the list of top 10 nest cuisine in the world. "The spectrum of Vietnamese dishes is surprisingly refined and diverse for such a small country.Each city – even each village – may have its own list of unique local specialtiesEven common national dishes vary dramatically in the way that each community prepares and serves them.The cheapest and one of the most delicious places to encounter authentic Vietnamese cuisine is an a traditional open-air market.Here single-dish food stalls, run mostly by women, offer finely crafted delights passed down from mother to daughter for generations"