Ear Cake – A tasty food in Phu Tho

In the past, people in Phu Tho referred to Ear Cake as Hon Cake, a tasty food that is served every day. But don’t be worried, the name of this cake has nothing to do with human ears or animal ears.

Ear Cake was given the name due to its shape. It is made from rice, with pork stuffing. Even though the recipe looks pretty easy, not everyone can make this wonderful cake.

The first step, and also the most important one that defines the quality of the cake, is to choose the right type of rice which is both soft and sticky at the same time. The rice is washed and soaked in water from 2 hours to half a day, before it is grinded and made into dough. The chef kneads the dough again and again until it reaches the desired degree of softness. After which, the dough is cut into small pieces and formed into the shape of an ear.

People who are used to making this dish find it is the easiest step, making 10 identical pieces at a time. When the cooks are done kneading, they put the cakes in the steamer. After only 30 minutes to 1 hour, the delicious Ear Cakes are formed, each of which has the shape of an ear and stuffed with delicious pork.

The best way to savor Ear Cake is to eat it right away when it is still warm. Holding it in your hands and devoured slowly, you will find the taste of the Ear Cake irresistible, it is soft, crunchy, buttery, sweet and fragrant all at the same time.