Tuyen Quang Overview

Square: 5,867 Km2

Population: 738,900

Average temperature: 22°C - 24°C

Administrative map includes 05 outside districts and Tuyen Quang town.

Area phone code: 027.

Minority: Viet, Tay, Dao, Nung, Mong, Cao Lan, San Diu, Hoa


With Tuyen Quang town is center of province, this land is 165 km from Hanoi in the northern highland. Terrain is divided into 3 zones: high mountains in the north, mountains and hills in middle and hills in the south. Waterways of province are quite dense and equally allocated for every zone. Tuyen Quang is a base of revolution during the war. Population minorities are living alternately in solidarity.

Tuyen Quang